Poker Etiquettes

Poker tables at high stake games are no comfortable seat to rest and mom’s teachings of table etiquettes are seldom followed at poker tables!

However, while not always imposed on players a few poker-table etiquettes are prevalent amongst the community and are best to be followed to avoid getting yourself a bad name which could lead to worse consequences…

Here are the most important poker etiquettes:

  1. Pay attention to what’s going on at all times

When it’s your turn to act and you’re busy chatting up that waitress or watching something on your phone, the whole table will be kept waiting. Doing such things a lot will have you pulled up for them sooner or later.

  1. It always pays to be polite

While it may seem like a good idea to bad mouth and disrespect players while at play. But know that this may mark you as ignoramus and you may lose your chance of being invited back to the game.

  1. Safeguard your hands and chips at all times

It often so happens with a lot going on at the tables that dealers muck your great hands. So, it is highly recommended that you buy a card protector and keep note of your chips.

  1. Announce your actions verbally

Nobody knows what you intend to act with unless you do it! But it will pay if you verbally announce what you acted as every time as many games may have amateur dealers.

  1. Always keep your cards and chips in your own space

Different poker tables vary in sizes; however with a full-ring table it is important to note that there will not be enough room. Keeping your stuff from getting mixed with other players is as much your responsibility as anyone else’s.

  1. Leave the table when you must take a call

No other player would like to be forced into your phone call conversation as non-consensual witnesses. Moreover, it is considered rude and is against table norms at most casinos.

  1. Be your best modest self when you win

It is not easy for anyone to lose a big pot or even get rivered with a 2-outer. Hence, despite winning act in consideration of the scenario where you could be in the receiving end of things.

  1. Treat the dealer with respect

These people are professionals who try everything to make your game run as seamlessly as possible. So, dealing 7-2 offsuit 4 times in a row isn’t really their fault, swearing at them will not improve your chances of winning at the game.

  1. Never splash the pot

This is not only disrespectful to the dealer and other players and can even lead to accusations of cheating. When you throw your money into a large pot people often cannot see how much you’ve put in, so avoid doing this at all costs.

  1. Never talk about a hand if you are not in it

If you fold your hand or are not playing an ongoing hand, avoid talking about possible plays, bet sizes or cards or anything directly linked to the ongoing game.